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The Affordable Care Act

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( - On January 20th, 2014 Union Fouta organized a community information session on New York State Health Insurance Marketplace under the affordable Care Act Known as Obamacare.

The event was scheduled for 5pm to 8pm, but ended at approximately 8:40pm. Approximately 75 people trickled in and out over the few hours.

·         55 people signed in at the information and sign up table

·         38 of them were interested in getting navigation assistance

·         33 completed a pre-workshop survey to assess their knowledge on the Obamacare Law

Majority of attendees were male and many were drivers (about 60 percent). Dr Mouctar Bah, Ms Lakshmi Prasad and Mr Ishtiaq Alam from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities were among the guests speakers.

Mr. Ishtiaq Alam presented each slide in English, and Dr Mouctar Bah followed up with interpretation in pulaar. The presentation took over an hour and Question & Answer (Q&A) session took another 15 minutes.

The following content covered during the presentation included:

·         Eligibility requirements

·         Different Quality Health Plan levels

·         Income thresholds for financial assistance and Medicaid

·         Services available to undocumented individuals

In the Q&A session, the following questions were asked by the participants:

·         What is the difference between a health insurance company and Obamacare? And what do I have to do to switch my insurance to Obamacare?

·         If someone has Medicaid, does he need health insurance?

·         A friend of mine pays taxes but only has a student visa because he is a MBA student, will he have to pay the penalty?

·         Where can I go to apply for Obamacare in Brooklyn?

·         I filed taxes for my business and myself, which one do I use to apply for health insurance under Obamacare?

·         My wife and kids have insurance but I don't, can I have insurance for my whole family in one plan?

The session was concluded by the allocation of Dr Thierno Mombeya followed by the Benediction of elders and everyone left the place peacefully happy to get the solution of a big gap.

Mrs Balde Aissatou Bani

Union Fouta NY


Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and New York State of Health Marketplace

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA), creating comprehensive health insurance reforms starting October 1st, 2013

What is the New York State of Health?

NY State of Health is a new Health Plan Marketplace. Individuals, families, and small businesses can use it to buy health insurance. It lets you shop and compare many health plans. It is the only place to get help lowering the cost of health coverage.

Important Changes Under Obamacare

• Parents can keep their children on their health insurance until age 26

Ban on lifetime $ limits on health benefits

• Insurance companies can’t deny coverage because of pre-existing condition (diabetes, cholesterol, cancer).

• In many cases, you can get preventive services for free.

New Qualified Health Plans (QHP)

A health consumer can choose from 4 options: Platinum (Highest premium, lowest deductible), Gold, Silver (only tier with cost-sharing reduction), Bronze (Lowest premium, highest deductible).

10 standard health care benefits with every QHP

• Care at a doctor’s office

• Emergency services

• Hospital care

• Pregnant mother and baby care

• Mental health and addiction treatment

• Prescription drugs

• Rehab and skill development services and devices

• Lab services

• Prevention & wellness services and long-lasting disease management

• Dental and vision care for children

Who Is Eligible to Enroll?

• NYS Resident

• USA Citizen or lawfully present in the United States of America

• Cannot be incarcerated

Getting Financial Assistance

Many individuals and families will be eligible for financial assistance to reduce the cost of coverage

Tax credits will reduce the cost of premiums for most single adults earning less than $45,960 and for families of 4 earning less than $94,200. Tax credits and cost sharing reductions are estimated at the time of application and applied immediately.


Expanded Medicaid coverage will include more people (138% of FPL). Eligible individual must have an income of less than $15, 856.

HHC Option

The New York City Health and Hospital Corporation Provides Health Care for Everyone. You do not need health insurance to get care. They keep do not ask about immigration information. You pay according to your income and family size.

Emergency Medicaid

It is only available for sudden medical emergencies which are very serious like serious jeopardy, impairment of body functions, and dysfunction of any body part to everyone including undocumented people. There is no payment needed if any candidate is eligible for taking emergency Medicaid.

Without health insurance, you may need to pay a penalty

Most Americans who can afford health insurance must have coverage by March 31, 2014 or pay a penalty beginning at $95 per adult or 1 percent of annual income (whichever is greater) in 2014. The penalty increases to $695 per adult or 2.5 percent of annual income (whichever is greater) by 2016.

Important Dates

Open Enrollment Period: Oct 1, 2013 –March 31, 2014

To Avoid Tax Penalty: March 31, 2014

To Sign up for Health Insurance

• Call us to setup an appointment at: 646-888-4496 or 646-888-4469

• Bring all the needed documents.

• It will take 1- 2 hours to finish the application.

• Contact your doctors to check which plans they accept under Obama care.

Needed Enrollment Documentation

Individuals applying for coverage in the marketplace must provide personal information, which includes:

• Address

• Date of birth

• Social security number

• Citizenship or Immigration information

• Household income information

• Medicaid benefit information

• Unemployment Information (benefits)

• Tax information

New York State of Health Website